Numerical Methods (series 2G) – 2019-2020

The workshops related to this discipline can start on Monday, October 7th, since the options regarding MN vs TCAD are now over.
The lab room is B307.

The students taking English labs already have several reserved time ranges, exclusively on Tuesdays. Therefore, they should not choose between the time-frames offered for the students taking Romanian labs (!)
On each Tuesday, starting 1PM till 9 PM, the reserved time-frames for the English students are as follows:

  • 421G, 13-15
  • 422G, 15-17
  • 423G (424G), 17-19
  • 424G (423G), 19-21

As a backup, but only for the 19-21 time range (taking into consideration the busy schedule on Tuesdays) another time range can be set (eventually considering another day).
The details are about to be discussed with Mr. Victor VLĂDĂREANU (the holder of the course and workshops).

Thank you,
The MN team.