Object Oriented Programming – Series G


Additional study materials (laboratories)

Lab 1 –  Review the structure of a program. Testing of programming skills (short test). Comparison of procedural programming (structured) and object oriented programming.  Introduction to classes and objects

Lab2 – Classes and Objects (cont.). Constructors. Constructors with parameters.

Lab3 – Copy Constructors. Destructors. Functions with object argument and object references.

Lab4 – Recap. Simple inheritance. Integration of elements in prior labs.

Lab5 – Midterm test. Public-private inheritance. Constructor inheritance. Call order of constructor/destructor in inheritance. Polymorphism (method overwriting).

Lab6 – Multiple inheritance. Polymorphism.

Lab7 – final verification


  1. Beginner students in programming, you can sharpen your skill using [1] sheet of problems.
  2. Advanced students, you can improve your skills by looking into the prior (year 3) competence exam problems in [2] and trying to program them. Note the wording and strictness involved in what to read/write into the console for each problem (in order to pass Moodle’s tests). This is a good thing to consider doing prior to next year as well (since you will have to take the programming competence exam yourselves).